Germicidal UV Lights

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Science based & technology backed solutions that create a better and safer environment to live, work and breathe.

Our science is groundbreaking. But our goal is simple: Continue to produce innovative, technological solutions, backed by science, that enhance our customer’s image, save money and create a better environment to live, work and breathe.

Regardless of the industry or situation, improved air quality also means financial health for your organization.

In hospitals. In laboratories. In schools and government facilities and offices and homes. Steril-Aire devices are also used to enhance food safety through mold and bacteria control, extending product shelf life and production yields. From reducing energy consumption and controlling costs, to optimizing human and mechanical productivity, UVC solutions from Steril-Aire pay measurable dividends to your financial health.


Savings of up to 15% in energy costs

Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Optimizes HVAC performance

Extends food shelf life and quality

Reduces water use

Cuts maintenance costs